Interrupt runs a bunch of nodes that shouldn't run


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Hey guys,

So I've been trying to use conditional aborts, but realized pretty soon that if I need flexibility, interrupts are the way to go.

But I keep seeing this behaviour thats really confusing me. Basically what I see happening is that when the Perform Interrupt node runs, for one or two frames, a bunch of other nodes fire off before the tree settles through the correct branch. For instance, see my series of images below:

At Task A, the enemy boundary check evaluates to false (due to Self Conditional Abort) and thus the next task to run is the Perform Interruption next to it. When this task runs, it stops all execution way up just above the parent Sequence task. I would expect it to cleanly move on to the next branch from the root selector, but as you can see in the image, for a frame pretty much every task gets lit up when they shouldnt, and then it finally settles to the Jackal Shuffle task in the last image.

Whats going on?

Thanks so much for your help!



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It's tough to say what is going on just based on that screenshot. If you enable logging on the behavior tree component does that give you any direction in terms of what is wrong?