How would I allow my players to buy skills with points?


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In Kingdom Hearts, the main characters all get new skills upon leveling up. However, some skills have to be installed on the character though a screen.

On this screen, you need to use a points system known as AP to select the skills you want. If you don't have enough AP, you can't select the skills.

I'm trying to replicate that, but I notice that the Opsive player abilities (like jump and such) are given before the game even starts. Instead of as the game goes on and the player levels up.

What's the best way to have my system be more like in Kingdom Hearts? Should I give the characters every skill in the game (or, at least all the skills they're able to learn), and block it off with a separate script? Then create a points system to unblock those skills?

Or is there a less complicated way to do this?


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What you said is pretty much right, but it's pretty simple - you could just have the abilities disabled by default, then enable them when those abilities are unlocked. (And you'd have to make sure only the right abilities are enabled when loading a saved game or switching scenes.)