Help with minigun animator setup


I'm using these animations:

And the character as seen is rotated mainly from the legs up. I have tried creating the animations in the upper body layer as well as just arms but I cant really match to get a good look on the animation. On the CharacterIK changing LookOffset for the body only rotates it on the left which is the wrong direction only no matter what values I input.

Making it on the FullBody layer does work of course but all the movement (legs animations) are gone so at this point not really sure how a minigun could be done where the character has to be twisted from the legs up to a big extend.

Any help would be appreciated.


Staff member
I haven't used that asset but the demo animator controller is setup in specific way for the demo scene. The states/layers don't always match the animations included in another asset. Because of this I recommend creating an animator from scratch and you'll be able to specify the exact structure that you need.