Has ANYONE gotten this to work on stand alone Quest?


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Alrighty. This problem/Bug seems to have a lot of us vexxed...

As the title says, has anyone gotten this to work on a stand alone build on a Quest?

Seems the buttons won't/can't map through input manager somehow on the controllers for some reason on android(?) , for a lot of users.

It runs fine when built to the headset with head tracking and you can even get hand tracking to work fine but no button activation on the controllers, so no grip, movement options, anything that requires input from the buttons on the controllers...

I ran a prefom test with full production building techniques for optimization for mobile vr on the demo scene(baked lighting, texture atlases, no shadows, mobile shaders, mesh combination, CPU=3GPU=3, physics/timing tweaks, culling) and it ran great on the Quest 1 stand alone, at like 9-12 draw calls. So the base kit seem to be able to run on the Quest just fine.

also, controllers seem to work perfectly, with button pass-though, on a Rift or a wired Linked up Quest (have not heard about any airlinked-wireless quests working , one way or the other).... Just not stand alone...

So the question is, if anyone has gotten the button mappings to work on a stand alone build on a Quest and if so, whats the majic involved?

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