Force Visible Not Working

For some reason when I tick the force visible box on my third-person object it doesn't seem to change the material.

*I have set the character up exactly to the documentation standards (Such as adding the correct states and presets),
*Have the material swapper component on the camera, along with my ISCURP material and manual swap

P.S. I am using URP along with the integration if that's any help...
Have you set the visible materials to switch to? or are they defaulted to InvisibleShadowCaster?
I have used the TPO component with the visible material count set to 0 like in the demo scene and added materials to use in the material list but still, no change happens when force visible is activated.
Here is a chunk of code you can use in editor to setup fast... you'll need to get the renders reference in your own editor code. I use it for quick scene setup in the demo scenes of my asset Ultimate Seating Controller. I have also passed this onto Justin, and I believe it will be incorporated in the next update for Ultimate Character Controller.

                    for (int j = 0; j < renderers.Length; ++j)
                        var materials = renderers[j].sharedMaterials;
                        for (int k = 0; k < materials.Length; ++k)
                            materials[k] = shadowCaster;
                        if (renderers[j].GetComponent<Character.Identifiers.ThirdPersonObject>())
                            SerializedObject o = new SerializedObject(renderers[j].GetComponent<Character.Identifiers.ThirdPersonObject>());
                            SerializedProperty p = o.FindProperty("m_VisibleMaterials");
                            p.arraySize = renderers[j].sharedMaterials.Length;
                            for (int v = 0; v < renderers[j].sharedMaterials.Length; v++)
                               p.GetArrayElementAtIndex(v).objectReferenceValue = renderers[j].sharedMaterials[v];
                        renderers[j].sharedMaterials = materials;
Thanks for the help, I overrode the default "Var Shadowcaster" on the object remover component, unfortunately, it still refuses to work. I have brought your asset pack and after playing around in the demo see that it still doesn't work when force visible is ticked, although when "visible player" is checked on the board sorce component it ends up as expected (the fp arms don't disappear but that's an easy fix" I plan on just adding this script to abilities I want to have the full body and see how that goes.

P.S. After trying this on a clean install of ucc on a friend's computer it seems this is only an issue with the fp controller, not UCC... Is this true? is there perhaps a script I need?
Thankyou for your purchase. Yes indeed, it is only for First person controller that requires some extra setup, if you have third person installed as well it doesn't seem to ever need any extra setup. I'd be happy to help you setup a prefab, if you like send me a package of your character.
The object remover script only ever runs on install when the scene is opened for the first time to setup the demo character so that force visible works without any extra setup in the demo. If you read through that block of code you can do it all manually on your own character also.
Thanks for the quick reply, I am exporting my character as we speak and shall send that over as soon as it is done. I have been trying to get this to work all week hahaha I'm not much of a coder.
Hi, no problems, it is not showing here, but if you email me or dm a drive or cloud link that will work. I will take a look at it sometime tonight.