Flying Add-on


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I started working on an add-on with flying abilities for UCC, and I'd like to get your input on what you would like to see as part of the add-on.

Here's a balloon flight prototype where you can't control direction as you only drift through a wind zone:

This is an ability to fly a bird from my game Beans or Bones:

This is an ability to ride a rope from the game:

These are just some ideas. Others could be a sail/kite (like in Zelda BOTW), wing suit, jetpack, or flying carpet.

Let me know what you prefer.

Cheers, Christian


Glide, genshin impact style and airiel spell casting. Doesn't matter much... the examples and clean assets will be worth whatever you charge.


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Free fall gliding (similar to your wing suit, I imagine). I think the animations would be key. What I think would go well with this is uncontrolled fall variant of normal fall for great heights (could activate after a period of normal fall and end in ragdoll, or this could be a killed/injured whilst flying type affect). You have some nice prop based flights, but it might also be good to add a 'bare bones' code one - simply take off and fly around based on normal controls - this would then be a model for people to modify easily.


Zero-gravity movement from Dead Space ! Which include reseting rotation, in air shooting and landing on surfaces facing any direction, which could be achieved using UCC's Align abilities !