[FEATURE REQUEST] Burst Fire - Semi-Auto / Auto switch


New member
Currently, the burst fire mode on the shootable weapon script seems to only operate in full auto mode with a selectable delay.
It would add a lot of flexibility to allow the burst fire mode to operate in semi auto or auto mode, while retaining the delay.

I'm sure there is a better way to do it, but here is what I did to make it work for my sandbox.
I added a selectable bool (m_BurstAuto), then added a second if statement after - if (!m_FireModeCanUse) (line 761, on my build).
On true, it acts as is. On false it calls a different scheduler - m_BurstEvent = Scheduler.ScheduleFixed(m_BurstDelay, CanFireFalse);
CanFireFalse just sets m_FireModeCanUse to false, to kill the auto function, but keep the burst delay.