Expose Tooltips for the exposed variables in the BehaviorTree Script component

Xanto Nemot

New member
Could it be possible to add Tooltips for the Exposed Variables in the BehaviorTree component?

The issue here being, I'd like my designers to have a better understanding of the variables that are exposed to them through the Inspector, without them needing to understand anything about the Tree itself (ideally without ever having to open the Behavior Designer window for anything). So it'd be nice if they could hover over the exposed variables and see a Tooltip describing them, as it happens with the default Unity variables, and also with every variable inside BD nodes.

The way it'd work probably is I would be able to open the Behavior Designer window, Variables tab, and each variable would have a Tooltip/Description string field, that would be used for the external Tooltips.

If Tooltips would not be possible externally for whatever reason, then at the very least it'd be nice to have this Description field in the Variables tab, so I can instruct them to press the Open button and then go to Variables, and they would not need to understand anything else.

Thank you!

For clarity, I mean when hovering over here (I do realise there is a Behavior Description Text Area, but I'd prefer the individual tooltips for each var):

(As a side note: While I understand the decision of having the core of the asset compiled, presumably for protection of your work, which is a valid reason, as a consumer I would find more value if the product wasn't compiled, so I could add presentation features like this, or implementation features like adding handlers for OnColliderStay and OnTriggerStay events myself. May we see Behavior Designer 2 have the source code available? Or at least the Editor bits? :O)


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That's a great idea! It should be relatively easy to add - I'll try to get it in the next version of BD.

May we see Behavior Designer 2 have the source code available? Or at least the Editor bits?
It's possible. Still haven't determined that side of things yet.