Error stuck in Jump animation after changing Jump Start animation


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I created a character using Character Manager, everything is default, nothing has been edited. The only thing I did was replace a new Jump Start animation from Gruzam's Powerful Sword Pack.
And the error happened as shown in the video attached in the this link
I also attached the animation so you can reproduce the error.
Unity 2021.3.21f
I have removed the attachment as not everyone has a license to that asset. With that said, you are likely missing an animation event:

Oh, my mistake, I checked again and found the event. Thanks for your support.

By the way, I also want to ask. I feel it has a huge amount of Animation, I understand this helps to customize every detail. But for small projects, most don't need that much, so how can I simplify the animator, and if so, how do I not miss any animation that is needed?