Dropping Clip On Reload


Hey y'all!

Having a bit of trouble trying to get the clip to drop from a shootable weapon on reload.

Here's my setup on the ShootableWeapon Item (named FN Minimi Mk3).


... and here's the setup on ThirdPersonShootableWeaponProperties, where the ReloadableClip is the clip attached to the model (child of weapon model), and the ReloadableClipAttachment is the right hand on the rig.


... and here's the setup on the 'FN Minimi Mk3 Mag:


As a followup question, how does the ThirdPersonShootableWeaponProperties.ReloadableClipAttachmentId work? I'm unsure how I would use that function.

Thanks much!
It is likely an animation event issue because I can't see anything wrong with your inspector. On the shootable weapon page there is some documentation on the reloadable clip but I'll work on getting a more detailed page written.
The problem appears to be that I had the TrajectoryObject script attached and the clip wasn't dropping anywhere. Is there any documentation on using the TrajectoryObject component?

Removing it and leaving the Rigidbody seems to have solved the problem.