Does not change the volume of footsteps


Hello. I'm trying to change the volume of the footsteps through the SurfaceEffect component, but the volume does not change. Pitch works, but the volume does not. What could be the problem?
FPC 2.1.1
Because foot steps are directly played from an Audio Source on the character it doesn't use that volume scale - the volume is instead set on the Audio Source component (the character's feet in this case). I've gone back and forth on whether or not the Audio Source volume should be used and in this instance it does make it more confusing.
What should I do if a character has no body? Sound sources are created automatically on the main object of the character.
You can still create the Audio Source manually on the character and it'll use that Audio Source.
Those sliders can still be used for the audio of other surface impact effects (i.e. not footsteps).
I had to create a Volume Mixer and have the footstep audio route to a different master and correct the volume there.