Continuous forward movement


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I am using third person combat setup on my player. I’d like to have the character start walking/running forward and continue to move forward but allow player to move left/right/jump and attack while moving forward- basically have all abilities but force player to move forward (like an endless running game).

Any suggestions?

Ps: my character is running along a sphere using align to gravity ability.



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Thanks for the reply Justin!

So I've created a new ability and trigger etc... but how do I get my character (the player) for move forward once this ability is triggered? So I'd like the player to be able to walk as normal and when they hit this trigger they start running (and actually moving) forward until I hit another trigger to stop.



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Since you don't always want the character to move forward I would create a new ability that does it for you. This will allow you to activate it or deactivate at will. Within your new ability you'll want to set m_CharacterLocomotion.InputVector.y to 1. This will then use the motor or root motion to move the character.