Character slops if object has little rotation


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Problem: If player steps on something that have little rotation from slap side then player slopes back.
It is very critic problem for my project. Please, answer how can I fix it, or when fix from your side be ready.

How to reproduce:
  1. Create cube
  2. Place it (Y should be lower than step height -0.2 for example)
  3. Set X rotation to 1
  4. Try to step on it from slope side
I have recorded how it looks, and how to reproduce it


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Does the demo scene work correctly
What do you mean? This problem can be reproduced on demo scene (steps and video above).
If you mean something else than other things in demo works well.

(Solution in link is not work in this case)


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Ah, I see now. I'll take a look at it and come up with a fix for the next update

Szymon Z.

Thank You very much !
Is it possible to point out where we should look in code to fix that on our end ?
We have to prepare stable version for publisher this week and that breaks immersion mainly with stairs and we really need to fix that :)