Character Foot Effects Loses Foot Object Reference


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Hi all -

Odd bug, currently upgrading my project to use Unity 2020.3.18f1 (from 2018), and 99% of the UCC assets I have work great. However the Character Foot Effects script keeps losing the reference to the Toe transforms, resulting in a Null Ref Excep when the character starts walking. I've verified that both the Prefab and the instance of the Character in the scene both have these references prior to running the project in the editor. While in play mode I can pause and drag the appropriate references in and it starts working correctly.

Is this some kind of weird execution timing issue introduced in the upgrade? Anyone else experienced something like this?


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For anyone in the same boat, I haven't solved it, but the issue is with changes to GetBoneTransform in Unity 2020:

Looks like I'll need to play with what gets instantiated and cached before trying to setup the foot effects.


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Hm haven't seen this issue before, but looks like you're right about the changes to Unity's GetBoneTransform. If you manage to find a workaround, do let us know.