"Can see object" field of view parent


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Hi, is there a way to make the "can see object" field of view parent of a gameobject ?
So the field of view can follow the head of my character, instead of following the gameobject direction.
Thanks !


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Is your agent a humanoid? On Can See Object there is an option to use the humanoid bone for its look location. If you are using a generic character the only way is to place the task on the actual head, but I like the idea of exposing an option so you can specify the GameObject.


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Ohh, my bad. That setting is for the target, not the current agent. If you know how to script it would be pretty easy to add, but right now there isn't a way other than manually setting the offset like you did. I am planning on doing a pretty major BD and addon pack refresh though so I will include this in that update.


Hi @Justin

I'm having confusion between these two fields of 'Can See Object' task:
'Target Object' & 'Returned Object'

In which scenario do I use each of them? can you explain.. In the integration scene of BD, I noticed Target Object to be Null and Returned Object is set to 'Can See Target', which is actually variable.

Why target object field is Null, it meant agent is looking for 'XYZ' game object. It shouldn't be empty!