Breakpoints, perform interrupt problems


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we have some problems with Behavior Designer:

1. On tasks marked as breakpoints the game does not pause and breakpoint is not triggered.
2. Perform interrup takes no action, however when we pause and unpause the tree, perform interrupt sometimes starts working.
3. When we add a Behavior Manager to the scene, the second one is still created automatically.

Thank you for your help :)
1 & 2. Can you tell me how to reproduce within a fresh project?
3. Did you change the script execution order? This will happen if the Behavior Tree component is initialized before the Behavior Manager component. By default the Behavior Manager has a script execution order of -100.

Number 3 may actually explain the first two problems.
Our tree is complex so I'm not sure if it is possible to reproduce it in a fresh project.

We changed it a little but now we have a problem with set bool - cannot set on false. And breakpoints still not working properly - it works only after tree is paused and resumed, but value is still not changed. Screens here.

Btw, is there any API documentation?


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In general you can find the API on these pages:

If you can tell me how to reproduce the problem I can definitely take a look but I haven't gotten reports of the issue that you mentioned and I'm not able to reproduce it so it's hard to say. With that said, if the variable isn't being set and if the breakpoint isn't being hit then it makes me think that the task never runs.