Best way to set same item specs to multiple characters?


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Hi there! I'm looking for a better way (if any) for setting up the same items with the same specs (look sensitivity, rate of fire, dispersion, etc.) on different characters.
Let's say: I want to set up an assault rifle on 10 characters, my current solution is to set it up on one character, set the specs, and then set the same assault rifle on the 9 remaining characters. Finally I copy the script values from the first assault rifle to the others. Is there a better way to achieve this? Any help is appreciated!


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It may be too late for this now depending on how you've set up your characters, but you should definitely take a look at Prefab Variants. This would allow you to have one base prefab character, which you use to set up all the items and everything else, and have all your characters be variants of that base prefab.

Otherwise, you'd have to set up each item as you're already doing. Although you could probably write an editor script that would allow you to copy all item settings from one character to another.


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Thanks for your suggestions! Didn't thought of making a script to do so, I'll give it a try!
Runtime pickups seems to be an interesting solution too, thanks!