Behavior Designer + UCC Integration Issue


I am using the BD in the UCC integration. I'm using the demo scripts and Behavior tree that was created for the UCC, BD integration demo. For some reason when I have multiple enemies in a scene they kill each other and run from the player when confronted or just stand there and do nothing. If the enemy sees the player before another enemy they do engage and fight correctly.

1) I made sure that the Enemy is looking for the object layer mask set to "Character"
2) and all of the enemies are set to a layer of "Enemy".

Am I missing something?


Staff member
This is extremely tough to debug because it depends on your behavior tree and how that is setup. The demo behavior tree was only made for a single enemy so it'll take some adjustments in order to account for multiple targets. This asset is currently deprecated but here's a good example of a tree that has multiple enemies:

That totally makes sense now. I figured that since the enemies are looking for the object layer of "Character" that they wouldn't even see each other as targets since they are on the "enemy" layer. I'm not really expecting them to work together, I just don't want them to shoot at each other. I've been trying to work with behavior trees for some time now and still can't wrap my head completely around them because everyone seems to have their own style of creating them and they can get quite complex fast.