auto created Item sets during Runtime?


UCC2 but I think this happens in UCC3 though as well. I only have one Item set p90 in one hand and Grenade in the other. But during Runtime it automatically creates two more Item Sets. Putting each Item as right hand. It also sets Item Set1 as default even when I have ItemSet 0 set to default.
Is there a option that prevents this from happening? I don't want users using these items separately.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 201105.png
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In version 2 I believe that there is a Unique Item Set property, though I don't remember which object that is on. Version 3 does things differently with Item Set Rules:

ya on the Item it has a Unique Item Set Property I have that checked.
Oh Unique means it can be by it self I take it. so i need to uncheck that option. I'll try that.