animator controller is null in animator monitor when setting up new animator controller

I have a generic rigged quadruped character/ enemy. I set up the AI character using the "Setup Character" menu. I have the animator on the first child to the object. The animator parameters are not getting set because the animator was not on the same object as the animator monitor.
In the animator monitor, line 139 it states
m_Animator = gameObject.GetComponent<Animator>(); // The Animator does not have to exist on the same GameObject as the CharacterLocomotion.
Could some additional clarification be added for the animator monitor and animator parent relationship?

Additionally, there seems to be some differences between the documented animator parameters and the actual parameters the animator uses, such as "Ability Index Change" is now "Ability Change". I also did not find the absence of spaces in the parameter names documented... While it is an industry standard to not have spaces, if the documentation could note that, it would be appreciated. (and providing strings to copy-past from the documentation into an animator controller would be nice)

The documentation I referenced is at

I apologize if these are stated somewhere and I just missed it.
I just created a new generic character and the Animator Monitor was added to the same GameObject as the Animator. These two must go with each other. Are you using version 3?

I will update the documentation. When you add an animator to the Character Builder it will automatically add all of the necessary parameters so there's no need to copy and paste.
Okay, thanks for the response! I am using v3. I had an animator controller for the model, so I didn't want the animator to be added on generation. that may have been my issue. At any rate the Animator Monitor was added to the root, rather than the first child, but that's probably because I didn't have the animator setting checked in the character builder.
I rebuilt the character, and it works as intended. I think I may have left the "Animator Controller" field empty the first time.