AI Agent Switch Weapons Ability


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I‘ve been experiencing major issues with the Equip/Unequip ability as well as the Start Item Set Ability Task which does not allow any NPC’s to change from having a weapon out to unarmed. The weapon is always visible no matter what, but I’m kinda wondering if it is even possible to have just a simple inventory system like the one used in Roblox. I am all out of ideas of how to fix this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Uncle Festerson
If you want switch weapons to unarmed you can start the Item Toggle ability. You can use the Start/Stop Task to start this ability instead of the equip ability.
Okay I got the Start/Stop Item Toggle Ability Task to return successful, but is there something causing the item to still be visible in the character’s hands even when it’s supposedly not equipped?
Did you add the Toggle Item ability? Does the Inventory component show the item as unequipped?
Oh, I just figured out it was because there was two different items in my scene and of course it was toggling the hidden one. But now I’m really stumped on how to make that item be used for what I need it for. It’s basically a handcuff system like the one shown in this video from Roblox.

For that you will likely need to create your own ability. This will allow you to play the animation on both the AI agent and the other character.