Agility Pack Add-On


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I purchased the Agility Pack recently and started to look at it tonight.

I tried the demo scene and it wasn't working, throwing a lot of errors and a missing script from the demo manager gameobject.

So, I created a clean scene in project in 2019.19f1. Installed UTPC and set up the project layers and Input.

Installed the Agility pack. Still missing the script on the demo manager and a lot of errors about missing presets on the abilities.


Like I said, clean project, full UPC installation and project set up via the manager. And Agility Pack installed.


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Growing pains...

When the Multiplayer Add-On was released I restructured some shared files and it doesn't look like those files made it into the Agility Pack update. When the main demo scene is opened an editor script runs that removes the unnecessary files for your character controller version and this script wasn't included in the package.

I've uploaded a new version to the store so it should now work correctly no matter what variant of the controller you have.