Adventure Movement not set active



I recently got the following issue:
I have created a new character with the character creation wizard. After the creation, the adventure movement type was behaving strangely.

the movement type is active on the player and the camera, however, in the animator controller the combat movement type is playing. Yaw and other nice features are not working due to that. The animator components "MovementSetID"," Ability Index" and the "AbilityIntData" are not being set anymore. I am unsure how I was able to mess this up but each character is now affected by this even in the demo scene.

I am sorry, it looks like some issues were caused by a custom movement type I created and I just deleted it. However, created players do seem to have this problem. The Demo Scene Character Nolan is working fine.
The combat movement blend tree is set by the Int Data Setter in the demo scene.
The IntDataSetter was used in the v2 demo scene but it's not used in the v3 demo scene anymore. You can modify the demo animator controller
I am still experiencing this behaviour.

A character is built with Third Person Adventure movement. When you look at the animator while in play mode, it is actually using Third Person Combat no matter what conditions you set. Is this being forced somewhere?
We need to rename that animator state since it's not connected to the movement type in any way. You will need to modify the animator transitions in order to get it to go into a different state.
So you are saying, when you create a Character through Character Manager, and select Third Person Adventure for the "Third Person Movement" type, it's expected and NORMAL behaviour for it use Combat Movement?

Perhaps it would be helpful to explain how the animator transitions should be set up. Because the demo example is counter-intuitive otherwise.

When presented with these two states named "Adventure Movement" and "Combat Movement" it's incredibly confusion, the expected behaviour is what we build our character is determines what movement state it uses.
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Ok, I have performed a test. When you make the Adventure Movement transition conditions identical to Combat Movement, then delete Combat Movement, it still does not use Adventure Movement.

Can you please explain this behaviour? Can you please provide an example of how to change the transition conditions to Adventure Movement?

It seems to be a bit of a cop out to provide a demo animator controller with two movement modes then when people ask how the other one can be used the suggestion is just delete it and start again. It's meant to be an example so we can evaluate the solution and provide examples of how UCC can be used.
The state name needs to be renamed. In version 2 there was an IntDataSetter ability that set the IntData parameter for the demo scene. In version 3 this isn't needed and the state was never renamed. The adventure state will then be deleted.

As you noticed the demo animator is specific to the demo anyway and after you get an understanding on how the controller works I recommend creating your own:

I'm not sure if you are misunderstanding me or being deliberately vague for some strange reason. We plan to create our own animator controller. We need to understand this behaviour so we know how UCC works. What is making it default to Combat Movement, is it the transition settings, if so, what specifically can be changed? Right now we are seeing UCC ignore transition conditions. That's a problem.
The conditions are no longer valid for version 3. In the next update there will just be this, which is the former Combat Movement state:

I understand, is something in UCC code forcing that one to be used and ignore transition conditions?
In version 2 the Ability Int Data ability moved the Animator to the Adventure Movement state. That ability is no longer used so the conditions are no longer valid.