Adding or Modifying Abilities


New member
Hello, I'd like to make some changes to the Directional Rotate and Dash abilities. I'd like to restrict Directional Rotate to simply turning left or right, not up or down. I'd like to update the Dash ability, so a double touch forward moves the player x number of steps forward. A double-tap back moves the player back a certain amount of steps. I'd also like to get rid of ray casting entirely. Finally, if I want to add my custom abilities in the future? What is the best approach to accomplish this? I was unable to locate the code that controls the behaviors of these abilities.


Staff member
You could either subclass the ability or copy the ability and make a new one based off of the existing ability. This will ensure updates are as easy as possible. If you do a search for the ability name in the project you'll find the ability script :)