Abort part of the tree


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I was seeing a NullRefs in my Behavior Trees because of a conditional abort that triggered too late. I've made a small reproduction of this. The tree kinda looks like this, but then way more complicated:


The Shoot Target has a chance to kill the target, which should make IsTargetAlive return a failure. For this test, pretend that ShootTarget will immediately kill the target. I don't want MoveToTarget to still happen, because there is no target anymore. Unfortunately, MoveToTarget is still called, as you can see in this image.

Is there a way to completely abort the whole left part of the selector until another target is set? I've tried it with interrupt, but I don't understand what it does. This is my attempt:


PerformInterruption is called, but MoveToTarget is still called as well. Also, the whole tree just stops. I would expect it to continue on the right side, but nothing happens. I don't get it why this stops the whole tree, even though I have a Repeater set to repeat forever.

Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance.


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Perform Interruption is what you want. Try deselecting "Instant" on the Perform Interruption task so it'll wait a tick before moving to the next task.


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Disabling "Instant" worked, but I'm not really sure why though. I didn't even knew about this "Instant". The only problem I had, was that IsTargetAlive was never checked again while in the idle state on the right.

Now that I know of "Instant", I've decided to solve this differently. I've used my first tree, and disabled "Instant" on ShootTarget, so the conditional abort can check again next frame. I don't need the interruption then.

Thanks for the help!