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    2.2.1 Mouse sensitivity issue

    I too have run into this identical issue and was able to reproduce this performing multiple methods. 1) Created a new scene 2) Set up the new scene according to the Opsive Set Manager, creating the Manager, Camera and UI 3) Placed a Plane down on the ground for character to traverse on 4)...
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    Swimming Pack

    Awesome work Dank and the Team!! This will certainly serve as solid foundation to continue to build on and will just continue to grow with the controller as it grows. I would like to offer my "two-cents" and suggestions if you don't mind. Camera needs to stop at top of the water if the player...
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    Thanks. I know it was a stupid question and I inadvertently missed the agility pack release notes... Thank you
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    This may be a stupid question but I'm asking it anyhow. What do you recommend in terms of updating to latest version of UCC. Last version was 2.1.8. Obviously backing up is priority... Then what. Do you suggest just importing new version into project and allow unity to refresh/overwrite the...
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    Footstep material detection with Voxeland terrain object non-fatal errors

    Hmm.. Having same issues with latest UCC. Fixed it with slight modification to above code, but in two separate functions. Look at area commented with //zrocweb. Add the "!" qualifier to beginning of code(same as above Justin posted). private Texture GetMainTexture(Collider collider)...
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    Swimming Pack

    Hello all. Just wanted to pop in and show full support for this ability. As I am transitioning my projects from Invector 3P controllers and what not and I actually made a complete Water Interface Manager with full Swimming and Diving and total breath control, etc.. for the Invector controllers...