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    Copying ability properties & item questions

    Hey - it looks like the agility abilities may just be overlapping the swimming ones. If you look at the right column they have more of a drop shadow so looks like the swimming states are behind. If you move the right column abilities you should see them. Hope this helps!
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    character's animator stuck while doing combo attack

    I am late to this thread but are you trying to cycle between X, XX, and Air as combo attacks? If so what is the XXX animation? I would check a couple things: - all animations have the "OnAnimatorItemUse" and "OnAnimatorItemUseComplete" events. - transitions from Any State to each attack...
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    Play animation while moving

    Root Motion is specified in the animation itself, not in the animator. If you look at the demo animations under Body, all of the "heavy" attack animations are the standing attacks and the Root Transform Position (XZ) is checked to bake into pose. All of the standing attacks are on the full body...
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    Rapid State Switching

    Awesome! Glad to hear it is working now! Yeah it can get confusing between AbilityIndex and AbilityIntData. It is automatically AbilityIndex = 0 when an ability isn't active so that should always be true when it should be in regular movement.
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    Rapid State Switching

    Hi @LethDavidson! Sorry you've been running into issues with that, thanks for sending the video and controller that helped a lot. It looks like your transitions to the crawling movement are all good with the abilityindex set to 3. I think the only change you would need to make is specifying an...
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    Body item (Animator stuff)

    Hi @Haytam95 - to go back to your original post Slot0ItemStateIndex relates to the Ability Index Parameter under the Item Abilities (Ultimate Character Locomotion Script). The Slot0ItemSubstateIndex is defined under the item itself so for instance [use = 2], [dry fire = 11], etc. Same for Slot1...
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    IK foot doing strange things

    Ok great, glad it is working now! I don't see anything weird in the screenshots you sent so looks good.
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    Can't setup a first person character with FPS Mesh Tool

    Hi Cheo - Sorry for the delayed reply with the forums being down. Yes, many of our users have used mixamo characters successfully. Have you seen this tutorial by the FPS Mesh Tool developer? . It is a little hard to follow since he isn't talking but he goes through the process step by step...
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    First Person Animations Using FPS Mesh Tool

    Hi - glad you found some helpful tutorials! Could you link them here if you get a chance? Might be some we haven't seen yet.
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    IK foot doing strange things

    What does you animation look like the the preview window? Can you send a screenshot of your animation settings? Also is the animator in the correct state?
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    About the Animator and IK

    Yes "Can Transition to Self" should be unchecked, I would also change the Interruption Source to None for now and decrease the transition duration like @DankP3 mentioned. There are so many transition properties so my advice would be to start with the default on everything and change as needed...
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    About the Animator and IK

    I agree with everything @DankP3 responded to above (thank you!). In terms of why it may not be working... looking at your animator you only have one transition going to Movement and that is limiting the transition to "LegIndex < .3". Removing this would allow every LegIndex value to transition...
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    Swimming Pack

    No ETA yet, will post as soon as we know!
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    Swimming Pack

    Nice - glad to hear that! Yes shooting in the water will be included.
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    Swimming Pack

    We've started on our next ability add-on which will be the swimming pack. The goal of this add-on so far encompasses these abilities: Surface swimming Underwater swimming Diving from any height Entering/Exiting the water transitions Drowning We've also discussed adding weapon abilities, such...