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    Why are some animator conditions not displayed?

    Oh that is strange, maybe it is a Unity bug. We will definitely look into it so thanks for pointing that out! Glad you can see the conditions now though to copy over.
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    Why are some animator conditions not displayed?

    Hi @CatttDaddy - In the demo animator there are conditions for those transitions. Did you duplicate the animator? Sometimes when duplicating the transitions get removed by Unity automatically so I would double check it against the original animator. For instance on the Arms layer for the...
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    Right Jump + Aim makes my character stutter

    Thanks for finding this, it has to do with switching to the new Blender and the animations now starting from frame 0 instead of 1. It will be fixed in the next update but if you want to fix it now for "AimJumpWalkStrafeRight" change all the clips to start and end 1 frame later. For instance...
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    character's animator stuck while doing combo attack

    Hi @Tzirrit, I was able to reproduce the attack getting stuck and you're right it is when he's moving and stopping a lot. This happens for all melee weapons that have moving and in place attacks. The tricky part is having the fully body layer aware of what state the character is in even when...
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    PUN Demo Weird Textures

    That is weird the lights baked like that! I am fixing it now :) Thanks for reporting!
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    PUN Demo Missing Walls

    Thank you for pointing this out! It's actually a missing staircase prefab that I meant to include in the package so it will be added for the next update. Sorry about that!
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    Animation transitions happening over and over again

    Great, glad you got it working!
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    Animation transitions happening over and over again

    Is your movement animation set to looping on the actual animation? If it isn't set to looping it will end and the transition will restart. The demo controller uses several parameters to transition but they are not all necessary, you don't have to use LegIndex or Moving/Aiming. Another thing...
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    (ItemStateIndexChange Sticking) From State Reset

    We've been looking into this and we actually don't think the reset delay is useful so we are talking about getting rid of it. Did you have a particular use case for it? Right now if you attack the reset delay keeps the attack in the active substate for that duration until you attack again. This...
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    Weapon + arms setup UFPS ( like the mingun but several) problems

    You are likely missing animation events in the equip/unequip for the new animations you added. Take a look at the animations included in the demo to compare. There are other animations that need events too like reload. I always recommend using the first person demo animator as a reference and...
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    Default idle animation playing when swapping weapons instead of the weapon idle animation

    Are all of your transitions to and from Idle correct? I would check that the Idle -> Exit transition is correct so that it isn't transitioning out too early. Are you using the demo animations? If not make sure Idle is set to looping.
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    Copying ability properties & item questions

    Hey - it looks like the agility abilities may just be overlapping the swimming ones. If you look at the right column they have more of a drop shadow so looks like the swimming states are behind. If you move the right column abilities you should see them. Hope this helps!
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    character's animator stuck while doing combo attack

    I am late to this thread but are you trying to cycle between X, XX, and Air as combo attacks? If so what is the XXX animation? I would check a couple things: - all animations have the "OnAnimatorItemUse" and "OnAnimatorItemUseComplete" events. - transitions from Any State to each attack...
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    Play animation while moving

    Root Motion is specified in the animation itself, not in the animator. If you look at the demo animations under Body, all of the "heavy" attack animations are the standing attacks and the Root Transform Position (XZ) is checked to bake into pose. All of the standing attacks are on the full body...
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    Rapid State Switching

    Awesome! Glad to hear it is working now! Yeah it can get confusing between AbilityIndex and AbilityIntData. It is automatically AbilityIndex = 0 when an ability isn't active so that should always be true when it should be in regular movement.