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    Stamina Attribute Reflections

    It has been a while and I have switched projects in between so I am not quite sure if I remember it does stop jump from happening when stamina is depleted. I do recall that special attacks and regular attacks do stop when out of stamina. I think so did roll. I would need to start a new project...
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    VR Add-On Released

    Hello Justin, Is there any plan for bow string pull ability moving forward?
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    Interact Ability Issues on Disable

    I have posted this on DSU forum, and while I was writing this probably did not have anything to do with DSU, but also manifests during the use of the interact ability with the Dialogue System Interactable Target. I am using interact ability with DSU Integration for various functionalities in...
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    Confusion with Dialogue System for Unity Integration

    Thank you I will check with him.
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    UCC Character Moving After BD Is Deactivated

    I have a UCC Character that uses a modified version of the generic AgentNolan melee behavior tree. The character seems to keep chasing the player even after the BD is deactivated or deleted during play. The same thing happens when a certain part of the tree that oversees the seek behavior is...
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    Using Events with Block Ability

    That would be great. Thank you. I meant to have an "on hit" event rather than a damage event. The same could be very useful for the health component. Currently there is an "on damage" event, but not a "on hit" event. So if I make the character invincible (for story purposes) than it does not...
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    Confusion with Dialogue System for Unity Integration

    Hello, I am trying to adapt some of the behavior from the DSU integration Demo, but I am confused about something. So, the demo uses a variable named "shoot" with Variable['shoot'] == false Lua command to change the state of the NPC and trigger the sequence branch that executes the rocket and...
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    Using Events with Block Ability

    Hello, I am trying to trigger an increment on a quest variable every time the player character blocks with the shield. There is an event under the health component named "On Damage Event", however, I could not find something similar to this under the block item ability or the shield item...
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    Use Item Ability Gets Stuck

    I think the issue was related to UMA. Somehow I had a different animator set up for UMA Dynamic Character Avatar than what was assigned to the animator. This seems to fix the issue. However, I have an issue now, if I prefab my UMA character and place him to a new scene (or copy the player from...
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    Use Item Ability Gets Stuck

    Hello, I have a 1st/3rd person character that has been working fine for a long time. All of a sudden, the third person started getting stuck in the Use (slot 0) (Active) state when I use the sword. It still works fine in 1st person, but if I switch to the third person the first person hands...
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    View Type Warning

    I am getting the following view type warning, but I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I just changed the view type manually in the editor. Is there a better way to do that? Warning: The First Person Combat MovementType is active while the ViewType recommends using Third Person Combat...
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    Adding DontDestoryOnLoad() to Player Character

    Thank you. Currently, I have prefabbed the player and added to each scene, which effectively gives the same result.
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    Adding DontDestoryOnLoad() to Player Character

    I have added a dont destroy on load command to the player character with UCC. However, even though it works with an empty game object and transfers it to the next scene, it does not do that with a UCC character. Is there a way to transfer the UCC character between scenes?