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    Assembly Definition files on install

    Hi Justin, Any chance you make the Assebly definition files a separate installable file? Everytime we update we have to either unselect them from the install or reattach all the connections. Removing them from the install and having them as a separate installer would be super. Thanks, Nathan
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    Support for unity 2021.03 LTS

    Are you getting any errors? Is it possibly an issue with the input system? Do you possibly need to change your input to Both, from New Input System?
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    Using fps mesh tool with first person controller

    Did you see Justin’s video for this? It’s like ten minutes and explains the whole thing.
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    Punching while running Aim state issue

    Hello, Hoping someone can tell me what's going on here, or at least how to resolve it. If I run while my Body Item Type is enabled and punch (while running), my player goes into an aim state. the only way to disable this in game play is to stop running and punch. If I keep punching while...
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    [Request] UCC 3.0

    Have you considered moving over to the new input system completely with this update? I’d support that.
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    Triggering Damage Visualization with external collision

    Hello, Working on a Malbers integration for applying damage to the player. I have the basic part working. All it does is when the AttackTrigger componet on the animal is enabled it checks of the collidiing object is a player, if it is it removes the damage amount. Pretty simple. This...
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    [BUG] Virtual Controls + Input System Integration

    Sorry to drag this back, but anyone here able to explain what's required to get mobile control with the new input system? I'm new to the new input system (have it installed and working, just not with mobile input) and any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nathan
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    Sync Audio

    https://www.opsive.com/forum/index.php?threads/master-audio-integration.6851/ These are great instructions for setting up MA with Opsive
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    Sync Audio

    Opsive now has an integration with Master Audio and Master Audio supports PUN. It’s a bit pricey but will give you what you want.
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    [Request] UCC 3.0

    Oh yeah, have that working. Just trying to avoid having to add a giant box collider around the entire area to enable the swimming ability.
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    [Request] UCC 3.0

    One thing with the updated controller. It would be great for the swimming ability to not require a collision to activate. For those of us that use dynamic water systems and manually feed in a swim height, the ability to simply enable and disable the swim ability by code would be amazing.
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    Restrict movement on a character

    I imagine you would just call, m_CharacterLocomotion.SetMovementType(typeof(ThirdPersonAdventure)); If you wanted third person adventure
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    Master Audio integration

    Agreed, just working through this right now myself and these instructions are perfect.
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    Farming Addon

    This sounds really cool. I would never have considered it before, honestly would have thought about using other systems for this. But, def something that could have a lot of use. I’d most def. buy it. The other packs sounds cool as well, esp the flying one. Have there ever been requests for...
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    Stopped working after UCC update

    Are the layers still set correctly for your abilities to trigger? I suspect that some of them are set to detect multiple layers and this is causing the problem. Just a hunch, but I’ve had similar behaviour and this was always the cause for me.