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    In First Person The Shadows Look Crap

    Hi, why is it that when using full-body awareness when doing FPS the shadows look really crap. The hands of the character are all messed up. When doing third person the problem isn't there it's only when in First Person. Has anyone ever found this situation?
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    Hi, I have worked out how to do the health with playmaker but is there a way to do unloaded and loaded text consumable items.
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    UFPS with Playmaker

    There is an excellent tutorial on youtube but it is old but when you get up to Get property select HealthValue and when you get up to health update use get attribute value instead of what he uses ok. It all does work if you follow step by step.
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    AI stuck in attack

    Hi, I redid the animator so it's working but I still get the problem while the zombie is coming after me after he is attacking me and the player runs away while the zombie goes after the player he moves still towards the player but is still attacking at the same time when he is meant to be...
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    AI stuck in attack

    I'm just using body and a duplicated demo animator
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    AI stuck in attack

    Hi, I did a simple zombie behavior based on the demo with behavior designer but my zombie gets stuck in the attack state. I'm having the zombie just idle in place then when the zombie sees the player it moves towards the position of the player. when a player is in range of attacking the zombie...
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    decals sticking to AI

    Hi I keep on getting decals sticking to the capsule collider now I have a surface Identifier on this with allow decals unchecked but it's not working at all. The allow decals checkbox doesn't seem to be working.
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    Character Foot effects - Camera Bob

    Hi, I have noticed the camera bob doesn't work at all. It keeps on saying to attach a camera when I have done this. All other settings work just not camera bob so I'm not sure if its a bug.
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    Animator Question

    Oh never noticed that option. So if it's ticked then I would only need the aim movement and not the normal movement then.
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    Animator Question

    Does this take into account what weapon you have equipped does it?
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    Animator Question

    I am making my own animator from scratch and I have noticed my character only uses Aim movement even when I am not aiming why is that. Just to test it out I deleted the movement and left the Aim movement which still works as it should why would that be.
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    Different Weapon Slots

    Sorry worked it out anyway. I used the ID under UI on the item and changed it to 1 as well duplicated the slot 0 item on the canvas and changed it to suit my weapon and changed the ID to 1 as well. But I'm not sure what the item action Id does on the UI.
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    Different Weapon Slots

    Is it possible to have different item slots for each weapon? Because I was looking at the slot0item on the canvas and they do have ID and an item ID and I can't find where there is information about the UI.
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    Version 2.2 Released

    It would be great to have an option to scale center crosshair instead of going to the crosshair script to comment out the sizing of the sprite because this doesn't work for all weapons because they all could have different sizing crosshairs.
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    OnHeal Event Issue

    Thank you that worked.