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    Swimming Pack

    Hmm, I just remembered that Battlefield has the ability to have your pistol out while you're half submerged in the water. It only worked with pistols, and you had to have a perk enabled for that to be 'active'. As soon as you started swimming fast (freestyle vs breaststroke) you'd de-equip the...
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    Trouble with Rewired

    Okay, I think I might have encountered the same issue here. Check if your character has a Local Look Source attached to it. If not, attach the script. This solved the issue for me - for some reason UCC 2.1.7's Character Wizard didn't add the script for some reason.
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    Custom Swim/Dive Ability

    Okay, I just had a chance to check this out. After setting it out like you've shown in the screenshot in the OP, it works partially. However if I walk into it from the ground, I will get catapulted upwards and then eventually get stuck in a falling loop. If I move outside the trigger, it'll stop...
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    Trouble with Rewired

    He can't give you a solution if he doesn't know if it's the first error, the second, or the hundredth. Besides, Justin's got a lot of stuff on his plate so to expect a solution on a dime is unfair, especially when it's issues like this that are very selective usage cases (from what I've seen...
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    [Bug] Empty StateConfiguration Asset causes Setup Wizard carnage

    UCC 2.1.7 has a bug where if one creates an empty StateConfiguration asset using the right-click "Create" menu in the project inspector pane and then drags it into the setup wizard inspector, it will crap itself and look like the following: Console complains about GUIError and NREs: Clearly...
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    Custom Swim/Dive Ability

    This reminds me of Mario 64's swimming, where if Mario is close to the surface it will push him upwards so his head sticks out. Has there been any progress? I'd be willing to give this a shot - first I gotta find some swimming animations though!
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    Trying to start with mobile

    I'm sorry if I come across as rude but seriously, this just screams "You didn't follow the basic instructions" to me. Do you get warnings or errors in the Unity Console? Start here and I'd suggest spending a hour or two reading the documentation. Try building the demo scene for mobile and...
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    Mirror Networking for UCC Add-on

    Here's an update video. Is that the hype train tooting in the background I hear? Ignore the number of errors in the widget seen here, that's just debugging logs that help notify us of potential problems.
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    Inventory Pro

    Problem is on their side, they obviously don't want to make proxy components that act like translators. Unless they do that themselves, looks like it'll be done when it's done.
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    When will Bolt Multiplayer Add-On?..

    Mmkay. We don't use any locked-behind-closed-doors servers or pay for CCU or any of that crap. Our infrastructure allows you to deploy your builds on a old computer that's connected to your basement's internet connection being used as a server. Mirror believes in "your server, your game" much...
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    When will Bolt Multiplayer Add-On?..

    Please don't abuse bold text @Rastos78. It gets annoying. Just a friendly tip. Just keep in mind that trying to make a server authoritative version of a client authoritative add-on is not always straight forward. Be prepared to know how to use the debugger, breakpoints, tracepoints. There is a...
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    Arms Disappearing After Camera Switch

    I'm going to jump in here and say that mixing Opsive's own controller into another controller's code base is going to give you really unwanted grief, heartache and headaches. I strongly do not recommend it, it's either one or the other. Otherwise it will be like trying to install a incompatible...
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    Custom Swim/Dive Ability

    Would you be able to share the finalized swimming/diving ability, @JacobDSiler ? That would benefit not only myself but many others that want to have swimming/diving abilities in their game. :D
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    Animation Bug

    Have you ensured the transitions are correct? Looks like you're missing one before it snaps back.
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    Why breakpoint dose not work?

    This isn't a Ultimate Character Controller question, it's a Behaviour Designer question. Please ensure you use the correct forum category next time. More information is required please. What version of Behaviour Designer and what version of Unity are you using? Please note that if it's an alpha...