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    Bug In Rotation Recoil Of Weapon

    Reproduce Steps With Version 2.1.8 Method 1 1. Start demo scene 2. Play as 3rd Preson 3. Equip Assault Rifle 4. Select AssaultRifle from Items and inspect Shootable Weapon 5. Set values according to attached Recoil screen shot 6. Set Look Sensitivity to 0 in ThirdPersonShootableWeaponProperties...
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    Bug In Rotation Recoil Of Weapon

    I tested this and also tested with static values rather then random values by changing this line in ShootableWeapon EventHandler.ExecuteEvent(m_Character, "OnAddSecondaryForce", m_Item.SlotID, m_PositionRecoil.RandomValue, new Vector3(-80,0,0), !m_LocalizeRecoilForce); But same issue
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    Bug In Rotation Recoil Of Weapon

    I have set rotation recoil for weapon to test does it really effects on character, by this i came to know that it's not working as expected. To test i have set X value to min -180 & max -180, with this values when character facing world forward direction it's working as expected but when...
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    Character Stay Up From Ground

    Hi I have my own character setup and i have notice that my character stays little up from ground see attach file, can you help on this issue. Thanks
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    Move character with parent object

    Hi My question is like if i want to move character with child of any moving vehicle (Car , Air Plane) so how could achieve this. I have gone through UltimateCharacterLocomotion and script sticking character position even if it's child of any moving object. Thanks.
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    Bolt Action Rifle

    Hi I am adding Bolt action rifle and my requirement is to reload single bullet after one fire. so i wanted to ask how can i achieve that with existing system. Do you made anything related to that or i need to do some custom changes related to animations and fire functionality. Thanks.
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    Animation Transitions

    Hi I have question about, animator has lot's of sub state machines, let's take one i.e. Aim Idle on Base Layer. In that there are 3 transition states to Aim Idle Blend Tree. So my concern is that how to design new sub state machines with multiple conditions. Because there is not documentation...
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    Swimming Ability

    Hi I am creating swimming ability, but i getting some problem. My requirement is as follow 1. Slope near to sea 2. When character is 75% in water then he stars swimming 3. When character swimming and reach near to sea shore and detects ground then he is back to walking and out of sea Check...