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    Third Person Character Controller and VR add-on

    The third person VR mode is really just for the camera and not the character. As such, your character will be able to climb but it will still be using the humanoid animations. It will not move with your hands.
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    Problems About Melee Item Use

    Are you using the Behavior Designer integration? If you are and haven't recently updated the integration go ahead and do that - I made a change to the use task. If it still has the problem let me know and I'll take a closer look at it.
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    Deathmatch AI Kit - Can it be used to create Enemy bots as well as AI agents that can attack enemy bots

    You can use the Deathmatch AI Kit just for enemy bots. In the menu if you enable Observer mode then it will be all bots.
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    Can Hear Object

    GetComponentsInChildren searches through the child hierarchy at the time that it is called so it'll work with runtime items. Are you sure your item has an AudioSource?
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    Third Person Character Controller and VR add-on

    Yes, in the demo scene there is an example showing the character with a third person perspective.
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    Changing Mesh of Nolan Character

    Changing the character model is a time consuming process so unfortunately we won't be able to do that for you. Another thing you can try is to create a new character with your new model and then use the "Copy Component" feature of Unity's inspector to copy the component values.
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    Ladder Rotation Brakes charachter

    Rotated ladders similar to that are not currently supported. Without debugging the code with breakpoints it's really hard to say what is going on. In terms of vehicles, in the demo scene there is an example where the character moves with a moving platform. Have you tried comparing?
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    Why StopAbilityDelay be ignored when InputIndex is Zero

    I will do some tests and get back to you on the code change. Thanks for letting me know :)
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    [BehaviorDesigner] StartStopUse would never stop when set WaitForUseComplete true

    When did you download the integration? This looks related to this post: If it hasn't been within the past couple of days go ahead and give it another download.
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    Crawl ability and First Person Combat view

    The position of the camera is set by the combat view type. Is the position value changing after each instance similar to the original post? Does it work correctly in the demo scene? I just tested this but wasn't able to reproduce either of those issues. What variant of the controller are you...
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    Combo Attack stuck issue (bug maybe)

    ResetDelay will reset the index back to the starting value after the specified about of time with no input. In the demo scene it is expecting the reset delay to be the existing value so it can then correctly transition back to the start.
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    Why StopAbilityDelay be ignored when InputIndex is Zero

    The input index is -1 with a manual start type because there is no input starting the ability. You should not need an input for AI agents.
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    Integration with Cinemachine does not work properly on a character without a body.

    I can add this to my list of things to improve with the Cinemachine integration.
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    Problems with the team manager, Reset task gets stuck

    It doesn't sound like that player has been registered with the TeamManager. Make sure TeamManager.AddTeamMember is called for that player.
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    Can Hear Object

    That is line 242 now. You can completely replace the if statement.