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    Did you import the Behavior Designer / Ultimate Character Controller integration?
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    navMesh GetRemainingDistance

    Did you add all of the potential weapons to the DeathmatchAgent?
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    Conditional Branch only working once

    The circle around indicates that the task is being reevaluated. You have a lower priority abort so it won't reevaluate when the current branch is active.
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    Pistol Magazine Floats in Air

    I do not think anything changed between the versions that would cause this.
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    Footsteps during Melee

    I've found that the body step isn't as accurate in some situations. I recommend using the trigger mode and seeing if that helps.
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    Serialization errors in UCC v3

    How can I reproduce those errors? I do not get them after adding the QuickStart/Stop abilities.
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    Changing external Behavior Tree

    In the Behavior Designer preferences you can enable editing prefabs. With an external tree it's the safe and recommended option. The reason the option exists is because with binary serialization sometimes Unity merges the bytes wrong and corrupts the tree.
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    Conditional Branch only working once

    Conditional aborts trigger when going from failure to success or success to failure. It looks like your task returned success and keeps returning success so the abort will not trigger again.
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    Optimized way / cache when we set variables?

    You can get the variable and then set the Value property. myVariable.Value = myValue
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    Pistol Magazine Floats in Air

    You do need a drop animation event on the animation clip. If it previously worked can you revert to a prior revision?
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    AudioSource deleted throwing errors

    I'm curious if you create a fresh project and can reproduce this. I just tried an AI agent but wasn't able to. Maybe it's something that your agent is doing?
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    StopBehaviorTree task with pauseBehavior enabled creates a stuck state

    Thanks, I should be able to take a closer look at this on Monday.
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    Pistol Magazine Floats in Air

    Make sure your clip has a rigidbody with the trajectory object component.
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    AudioSource deleted throwing errors

    Are you on version 2 or 3? I just created a version 3 character and didn't get any errors.
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    Flickering Idle animation in TopDown view

    Are you using version 2 or version 3 of the character controller? Are you able to reproduce the problem within the demo scene?