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    How to shoot projectiles using assault rifle or any weapon?

    Glad you are making progress. That looks like a quaternion rotation error. If you debug the returned rotation my guess is that you'll see the value have a dramatic change each frame.
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    Correct capsule collider when jumping and landing

    Yes, that's correct. I forgot where we use this method but I believe that at one point we used it for the agility or climbing pack. This method will ensure the collider is always exactly where you want it to be.
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    Can't Integrate each other

    It looks like those errors are from installing version 1.2.11. You should not install this version if you are using version 3 of the controller. Your step 3 should then be to install the Ultimate Inventory System integration from the website. This page gives all of the details...
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    Hip Rotation Node

    Please use [ code ] tags so it's easier to read. With that said, in your task you are returning success/failure on the first tick. This will only update the rotation once and you likely need to keep updating it in order to fully rotate.
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    Any news on Version 2 of Behavior Designer?

    I have periodically been tweeting about it:
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    Removing UCC asmdefs

    Instead of changing the character controller code I recommend subclassing or creating new classes completely so you can more easily update. With that said, if you remove all assembly definitions it will compile. You can also add in your own assembly definition. This is more of a general Unity...
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    Rotate character through code

    Please post all character controller questions in the character controller questions forum. SetRotation will rotate the character according to the rotation that you specify. If it's not smooth then you will likely need to do some smoothing before applying the rotation.
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    Parallel selector aborting children.

    With the parallel task you can add a infinite repeater to each child which will allow it to continue on even if the child fails. The parallel selector will end as soon as one task returns success.
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    Bugg on quick search node

    Ensure you are not saying any trees within the Behavior Designer folder and from there you can completely remove the folder.
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    Detecting ragdoll colliders with OnTriggerEnter

    Ah, at runtime LayerManager.Awake does a Physics.IgnoreLayerCollision(SubCharacter, Default) so that's why it's not triggering. This is to prevent unnecessary collision detections. Your solution is to have your trigger on a non default or visual effect layer.
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    Correct capsule collider when jumping and landing

    All of the animations included in the controller are demo animations and are not geared towards a specific genre. For a no code solution I recommend adding a new reference bone to all of the animations that allow the capsule collider to snap to the bottom. This is instead of referencing a foot...
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    cursor with IK

    You can use the state system to have different weights based on the item/ability. If modifying the look at position works then there's no reason not to use that solution.
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    How to shoot projectiles using assault rifle or any weapon?

    If it's just Cinemachine that's having the problem it's likely related to the Cinemachine LookDirection method. I will add this to my list of things to look at.
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    Bugg on quick search node

    I am not able to reproduce this. What version of Unity are you using? Also, does it occur in a fresh project?
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    BD + UCC Bugs

    Glad you made progress. I haven't looked at the Can Hear Object issue in awhile but have it on my list. Melee will still aim by default, but if you don't add the Aim ability then it's not necessary.