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    Class Selection

    Has anyone created a class selection for the Deathmatch AI Kit where the player can select different classes like Battlefield?
  2. GearedGeek

    Cover Pack

    Well it looks like Invector has beat Opsive to the punch. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/game-toolkits/invector-shooter-cover-add-on-204918
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    Suggestion on touch controls?

    It's my preferred integration of controls for UCC. I have used the mobile controls and it works great and pretty straight forward on settings it up.
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    Suggestion on touch controls?

    I'm not sure if you looked at the Virtual controls that comes with UCC. Myself, I'm using Rewired instead of the built in controls. https://opsive.com/support/documentation/ultimate-character-controller/input/virtual-controls/
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    UI Attribute Manager Issue

    Okay, I figured out a solution. At first I was spawning the characters in then enabling the UI with the health bars. I swapped it around the UI was already enabled and spawned the characters in then assigned them. That seemed to fix the issue.
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    UI Attribute Manager Issue

    Does creating Camera Prefabs for the two characters have anything to do with this issue? I'm using Playmaker to create the two character prefabs, create 2 cameras (Left and Right), then assign the characters to the cameras. I also updated the UCC version to 2.3.5 instead of 2.3.4 due to another...
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    UI Attribute Manager Issue

    Unity 2019.4.28f1 LTS | Opsive Third Person Controller 2.3.2 2.3.5 (I updated to the latest version) I'm running into an issue with the Attribute Manager (Health) loading the Player0 instead Player1. I'm using playmaker to create the Player GameObject prefab into the scene. It only seems...
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    Weapons with LOD?

    Just out of curiously have you tried to add the LOD group component to see if it works? As far as I know there shouldn't be anything with Opsive that would interfere with it. Unless you are talking about the issue in first person view where the arms would disappear when looking at certain...
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    Weapons with LOD?

    I don't know if this helps or not and I'm just randomly thinking here. I would think that the LODs isn't an Opsive thing. Wouldn't it be with Unity. I mean couldn't you add the LOD Group component to the weapon and assign the different LOD meshes to it.
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    Playmaker Integrations

    Sorry about that. I totally forgot about that.
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    Heal Clarification

    Question about the Heal action. I was under the impression that the Heal action should only affect the Health. I added the Shield attribute to there character and noticed that the Heal action will also affect the Shield attribute. Is this by design? Anyway to change the Heal action to include a...
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    Custom Message Monitor Text

    How can you send a custom string to the Message Monitor with an action? Example: a Item Pickup prefab component has "Pickup Message Text".
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    ThrowableItem Grenades

    Just some other notes about the Grenade. I myself have ran into this "issue" where the first throw of the grenade but after that it randomly can happen but the grenade explodes during the throw. I thought it was something with the colliders but it doesn't seem to be it. So it seems that we...
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    Why is Assault Rifle not showing up in 3rd person?

    My first thought would be to check the Third Person Perspective Item (component) on the weapon. Make sure that your Assault Rifle is listed in the Render Object. Also make sure the position is correct. Something else that I do myself is make sure to assign a Icon to the Item component so that...
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    Equip on ItemPickup

    I tried changing that but I keep on getting errors until I had all of them select like in the picture.