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    Improve This Simple AI Loop?

    A timeout situation is very common so thanks for sharing this. I see you kept the repeater, "repeat on completion" didn't give the behavior you were looking for?
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    How would I go about forcing an entire reset of a Behavior Tree by script?

    +1 on adding an API dump of the API online. good for on the road/toilet perusing.
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    Pooling behaviours and performance

    is it similar to the example at the bottom of the page?
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    Version 1.6.6 Release

    zoom speed is a welcome addition
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    just started?

    Yep I read those, what confused me was the mention of reset of variable and didn't know what "run" means, the diagram dispells all confusion.
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    [request] time stamp and running time

    like this very useful for debugging graph
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    navigation in the graph editor is not fluid at all

    Also the scrollwheel zoom is very very slow. I hope the UI in the next iteration will improve because I really like the guts of BD...
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    navigation in the graph editor is not fluid at all

    Any other graph like nodecanvas and unity's shader graph or ASE are very smooth It helps make the experience pleasant and work faster.
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    BUG: nothing has a tooltip

    Fantastic, thank!
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    lock doesn't work during play time

    maybe you can find the glitch
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    Searchbar Improvements

    Wonderful. I won't ask for an ETA but...
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    REQUEST: when dragging a link to the empty canvas then releasing it should open the node selector

    If ever you need extra hands to beta test v2, I'll gladly spend time on it.
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    just started?

    Thank you, I skipped the diagram at the bottom, iphone S, ya know. what's the use case for OnBehaviorComplete?