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    CanHearObject can't hear player

    Thanks Justin. My issue is that the agent doesn't seem to hear the gameobject, which is the fpscontroller. I have set the radius and level to various values and the agent doesn't seem to hear the player. I can get right up behind the agent and there is no change in the behavior. I am using a...
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    CanHearObject can't hear player

    Hi all Just wondering if I need to have anything else active in the task in order for my agent to hear the player. I have the Target Object set to a custom FPS controller, namely the controller from the TW Horror FPS Kit. I have I need some explanation for the Hearing Radius and Audibility...
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    Getting navAgent.velocity is NaN

    HI all I posted this question in the Unity/Scripting forums but haven't gotten and answer there so I thought I would try and post it here. I am using Unity 2018.3.8f1 and BD 1.6.2. I have a script, based on the MecWarriors MecAnim and navmesh tutorial, that I have attached to an Agent. Here...
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    Using same BT on another Agent

    Just wondering how I can use a behavior tree that I created for one navAgent on another navAgent that's in my scene? Thanks