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    Own Animation system. When the character move sometimes Character is just set to default T-Pose for some seconds (by UCC scripts)

    Hey! I want to customize UCC and for movement, use my own animation system. Everything seems to work properly, but when the character move sometimes Character is just set to default T-Pose for some seconds, and then again continues movement. Can you please tell me which function does this? Where...
  2. avataris

    Mouse Sensitivity Framerate Dependence

    oh, thanks, you helped me a lot! I also had strange freezing behavior with input and switching this setting was helping me)
  3. avataris

    Presets for Abilities (Climbing, Swimming, Agility)

    Hey, dear developers! I'm currently setting up abilities for the character and I have a few questions. For the right work of abilities, I need to have preset at the certain components of UCC. For some I can easily create presets & add settings, but for some not. For example, I don't use...
  4. avataris

    Deathmatch Ai Multiplayer

    Hi We want to find out about the following below: Does the package work over network or do you have a backend server that runs along with the package? I want to connect the package to our Pun2 server so I'm trying to find out what currently available in terms of networking/multiplayer. We have...
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    Inventory System not working in Unity 2022

    Dear Opsive team, since Unity 2022, Inventory System (and maybe also parts of UCC?) are not working anymore. Since Unity 2022 is now in it's Beta and you have a lot of clients that might want to switch to it soon, it would be very helpful, if you could fix the errors please. As far as I saw...
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    Climbing Pack

    I also have this bug quite often, especially if use my own character (with the same settings as Nolan has and camera and all presets added) instead of Nolan on your climbing demo scene... @Justin Did you fixe this bug?
  7. avataris

    Ladder Issues

    I have the same problem. The character uses a ladder, but at the top he just gets stuck in the air and doesn't go up. That is, it plays the animation, but it doesn't go up like in the demo scene (if I test it with Nolan). All my settings are the same as in the demo scene, I also applied presets...
  8. avataris

    Crawl ability and First Person Combat view

    I was also testing a demo scene with Nolan, and the Vault ability doesn't work correctly. Sometimes the character gets stuck in the Vault or just crosses it without jumping over it, even when I press Space. Is it not right finetuned on your demo scene? Also, when Nolan walks across the...
  9. avataris

    Crawl ability and First Person Combat view

    hey! I have the similar question as above. I was trying copy camera controller component, as you sugested, but it doesn't help. I think for me the problem that raycast is at wrong position, It's much higher than my character. Maybe you can help me, how I can fix it? I found that at...
  10. avataris

    Crawl ability and First Person Combat view

    hey! I had the same problem and was searching for difference between different GO as well. I think that the reason is that you need to have Crawling preset for UCC also for different view types of camera) below example: This is ThirdPersonAdventure type presets on my scene: and this is...
  11. avataris

    i have a issue

    thanks, I discovered on one of your forums that I first had to delete the UCC folder from Opsive / Shared and then update to the new version) so now it works) thanks :)
  12. avataris

    i have a issue

    Hey! I have a similar problem .. after updating all assets to a newer version. My current UCC version is 2.3.6, Unity 2021.1.20f1. I have links in the dll to other scripts, but I'm not sure if maybe I am missing something. I tried to regenerate visual studio files (sln, csproj) but it doesn't...
  13. avataris

    Hand interaction

    Hey! I want to take controll over hand & fingers using my own solution and have UCC working at the same time (with animation, functionality and so). My UCC character is with IK & Puppet Master integration. When I try to take controll over character fingers - fingers go in different directions...
  14. avataris

    New GameObjects appears in my own scene when I try to open the UltimateCharacterLocomotion script or set up new Input system

    But where I can find UnityInputSystem? it's not provided with asset and also this link with pluguin for new input system integration doesn't contain UnityInputSystem script