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    Seek task continuous while target out of range

    Yes i did the exact same thing question is if i can stop the seek task before it completes when my character leave the AI's vision range
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    Nav Mesh disable

    I am using puppetmaster and when my AI is in puppet state (unpinned) i want to disable BD and nav mesh agent but when I re enable them i get an error "get remaining distance can only be called on an active agent" and my AI acts weird! Is there anything that forces nav mesh agent on inside BD...
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    Seek task continuous while target out of range

    i tried it with sequence(and lower priority on sequence) and it still gives me the same exact result!
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    Seek task continuous while target out of range

    Hey...i have this tree and during testing it i noticed this... Ai sees the player while inside range and starts chasing him...but when the player moves out of "can see" range if he is in front of the AI the can see still returns true! when i jump behind the AI only then the can see returns false!
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    puppetmaster interigation

    Any chance for a puppetmaster interigation anytime soon?
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    Controll walking and idle animations

    I have a bool that makes my character walk or idle but when my character is patroling through waypoints how can i make him change the animation of walking to idle when he reaches a waypoint inside this task? do i have to write a manuall task to combine this actions ? i thought of changing the...
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    Call a function or a co-routine from a behaviour tree it possible to call a function i have in a script from a behaviour tree?