War Evolved places you in command as you evolve through seven unique eras. Similar to the popular online flash game “Age of War,” strategy is key to defeat your opponent. The war begins in the caveman era and progresses all the way through to an era in the future. Key technologies include rock throwers, spitting camels, jousters, gun-wielders, tanks, helicopters, and space-age jets. War Evolved allows you to take control of more than just ground units – you are able to battle your opponent in the air as well in EVERY era.

War Evolved offers a challenging artificial intelligence with four different levels of difficulty. The results of each war are recorded both on a local and global score board so you can see how well you compare to the rest of the world. Facebook also is integrated so you can compete against your friends. However, if the challenge doesn’t seem personal enough you can take your battle over WiFi. This allows you and a friend to play on separate devices to determine the better War Evolver. If you don’t have a second device, you can play together in a local two-player game.

Other features include a special attack called Shake for Quake. Shake for Quake triggers an earthquake when you shake your device. This earthquake will then kill a random number of your opponent’s units.

Need a little boost? Upgrades can be utilized to increase the strength of selected units. Struggling on defense? Ground and air turrets can be created to provide your base with extra protection.

For longer battles, the game will automatically save your progress so you can continue where you left off. For the cheat mode, enter your name as CHEATER to display your cheating options.

How far will you evolve?


War Evolved
War Evolved HD


Era Experience

The experience indicated in the table is the amount of experience needed to acheive each era. The expert AI evolves at the same experience level as the hard AI.

Era Easy Medium Hard
Cavemen 0 0 0
Egyptian 800 1120 1440
Medieval 2000 2800 3600
Cowboys 3800 5320 6840
WWII 6500 9100 11700
Modern 12800 17920 23040
Future 22250 31150 40050

Top 150 of 1273784 Scores

Scores are calculated by: score = money + experience. If you lose your score is divided in half.

1.LUKE826372051.TITI 31627617101.NIKKI482265
2.QUAN822234752.WAR EVOLVER623822102.ION480906
3.WAR EVOLVER519551853.WAR EVOLVER622265103.TITI 31479203
4.WAR EVOLVER515663454.JACOB617728104.TITI 31476605
5.KEVYNESS515420755.CPJ617430105.WAR EVOLVER475718
6.HENRY515352556.WAR EVOLVER610547106.WAR EVOLVER475644
7.WAR EVOLVER515309557.WAR EVOLVER600812107.CATALIN471272
8.WAR EVOLVER514751758.HADEN593665108.TITI 31468537
9.JUAN514485259.P590580109.WAR EVOLVER466109
10.WAR EVOLVER514471960.TITI 31590098110.WAR EVOLVER465189
11.WAR EVOLVER514359861.WAR EVOLVER576062111.WAR EVOLVER461343
12.JAKE510860962.WAR EVOLVER575804112.SOFIE ER DUM461250
13.WAR EVOLVER510828163.WAR EVOLVER574335113.M459930
14.WAR EVOLVER306714064.JJ568146114.MIKE457828
15.WAR EVOLVER255341365.WAR EVOLVER558758115.WAR EVOLVER457477
16.BAJS255309566.WAR EVOLVER555262116.WAR EVOLVER457257
17.TITI 31170397167.WARBONE553589117.WAR EVOLVER453850
18.TITI 31159105968.TITI 31551539118.TITI 31451918
19.M133760769.WAR EVOLVER547524119.WAR EVOLVER451618
20.TITI 31127233470.WAR EVOLVER546800120.WOODY451390
21.TITI 31125836071.WAR EVOLVER546474121.TITI 31449613
22.MIKE116407072.WAR EVOLVER543353122.WAR EVOLVER449234
23.WAR EVOLVER108083273.TITI 31543132123.TITI 31448998
24.HADEN106632274.WAR EVOLVER542043124.WAR EVOLVER448813
25.MIKE103159075.WAR EVOLVER538379125.WAR EVOLVER447623
26.TITI 3194657176.WAR EVOLVER537194126.WAR EVOLVER445026
27.WAR EVOLVER93914677.WAR EVOLVER535149127.MIKE444993
28.WAR EVOLVER93750178.SPIDEY533840128.WAR EVOLVER444694
29.DANIELSON92663279.WOODY533501129.WAR EVOLVER442814
30.MIKE91644680.SPUDGUN528253130.WAR EVOLVER441259
31.WAR EVOLVER91052781.WAR EVOLVER525142131.JIM438894
32.MIKE88742482.WAR EVOLVER522937132.WAR EVOLVER435667
33.TITI 3187157183.TIM521040133.JIM432549
34.WAR EVOLVER86218984.MEI520237134.WAR EVOLVER432423
35.MIKE84445985.WAR EVOLVER516516135.QUEBECLIBRE432009
36.ION81037986.WAR EVOLVER515361136.WAR EVOLVER430338
37.WAR EVOLVER80184787.WAR EVOLVER515161137.KMAC429325
38.WAR EVOLVER76822588.WAR EVOLVER514426138.HARPAL427023
39.ION71857789.WAR EVOLVER509972139.MATILDA426621
40.AIRCONDITION71807490.CHEATER509697140.WAR EVOLVER424581
41.TITI 3170150291.DEXTERSM84506917141.MIKE424391
42.WAR EVOLVER69577392.TITI 31505326142.JADE420834
43.TERT68820493.WAR EVOLVER504969143.WAR EVOLVER418724
44.WAR EVOLVER68397294.HADEN501346144.KAVE417922
45.WOOD66963095.WAR EVOLVER490779145.CHEATER416578
46.MARIUS65535396.WAR EVOLVER486485146.WAR EVOLVER415884
47.WAR EVOLVER65289697.ION485261147.WAR EVOLVER411675
48.CONRAD64707198.WAR EVOLVER484754148.MIKE408981
49.HADEN64682899.WAR EVOLVER484116149.WAR EVOLVER407764
50.WAR EVOLVER634589100.ION482416150.WAR EVOLVER407603