War Evolved places you in command as you evolve through seven unique eras. Similar to the popular online flash game “Age of War,” strategy is key to defeat your opponent. The war begins in the caveman era and progresses all the way through to an era in the future. Key technologies include rock throwers, spitting camels, jousters, gun-wielders, tanks, helicopters, and space-age jets. War Evolved allows you to take control of more than just ground units – you are able to battle your opponent in the air as well in EVERY era.

War Evolved offers a challenging artificial intelligence with four different levels of difficulty. The results of each war are recorded both on a local and global score board so you can see how well you compare to the rest of the world. Facebook also is integrated so you can compete against your friends. However, if the challenge doesn’t seem personal enough you can take your battle over WiFi. This allows you and a friend to play on separate devices to determine the better War Evolver. If you don’t have a second device, you can play together in a local two-player game.

Other features include a special attack called Shake for Quake. Shake for Quake triggers an earthquake when you shake your device. This earthquake will then kill a random number of your opponent’s units.

Need a little boost? Upgrades can be utilized to increase the strength of selected units. Struggling on defense? Ground and air turrets can be created to provide your base with extra protection.

For longer battles, the game will automatically save your progress so you can continue where you left off. For the cheat mode, enter your name as CHEATER to display your cheating options.

How far will you evolve?


War Evolved
War Evolved HD


Era Experience

The experience indicated in the table is the amount of experience needed to acheive each era. The expert AI evolves at the same experience level as the hard AI.

Era Easy Medium Hard
Cavemen 0 0 0
Egyptian 800 1120 1440
Medieval 2000 2800 3600
Cowboys 3800 5320 6840
WWII 6500 9100 11700
Modern 12800 17920 23040
Future 22250 31150 40050