Camera post-processing working in editor preview, not in build?

zebbizebbi Posts: 11Member
I've added a FLashback '94 post-processer to the camera of my ufps controller, and it works well in the unity editor preview, but doesn't work at all when I build. Is UFPS overriding any camera post-processing?

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  • TryThisTryThis Posts: 963
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    I don't know that particular post-processer, but I do use the Gaia post FX 1 setup without any difficulties. It contains fog, antialiasing, ambient occlusion, shutter speed simulation, bloom, color grading and vignette. I've not noticed anything being overridden.


  • zebbizebbi Posts: 11Member
    After loading the scene again, it seems to work now, thanks for reassuring me it wasn't my fault, it usually is! :wink:
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    Blame someone (or something) else at every opportunity! Wait until they are dragging you up the steps to the gallows before you cop to the fact that it was YOU!! Learn from this, grasshopper!

    EDIT: After rereading my comment, I realized that it might not be clear that I was trying to make a funny for you. :smile: :smiley: :blush:
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