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This is an extended version of vp_FPInput. After installing the UnityPackage you can find the extension in UFPS/Mods in your project. This extends vp_FPInput so you'll replace vp_FPInput on the player with the vp_FPInputExtended script.

• Buttons can be set in the inspector
• Includes toggle functionality for crouch and zoom
• Includes leaning
    • Add new buttons in the UFPS Input Manager for Lean Left and Lean Right
    • Add 2 states to vp_FPCamera, "Lean Left" and "Lean Right"
    • Add the included presets to those states
    • Adjust the Roll Amount parameter to your liking

I'll be adding to this as I can, but this should get you started with a nice advanced input script and it also shows how to populate a popup with buttons from the UPFS Input Manager.

Also, in the InputSetWeapon method, you can see an example of how to check if a button exists in the UFPS Input Manager. Since leaning will probably use the same buttons as Set Next and Prev Weapon and you delete Set Next and Prev Weapon buttons from the UFPS Input Manager, you won't get an error if they're missing.


Download .zip (8 KB)
Download .unitypackage (8 KB)

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