I am trying to shoot after disabling "VP_FPController" for a custom use of UFPS - Augmented Reality

Grisly Posts: 1Member
We are using mobile add-on.

I don't need movement inputs from UFPS as I am using another positional tracking system and live camera stream for an AR shooter. We've gotten the gun to show, UI, objects to appear on the ground (in our office) but the "Attack" UI is unresponsive. I've even gone as far as looking for "m_Player.Fire.Try()" to send to event handler or even literally using the "vp_SimpleFireing.CS" script placed on one weapon.

The best we've done is gotten the gun to click (shoot with no ammo) by using "vp_FPWeaponShooter.DryFire" sent to specific gun using our own custom UI.

This can't be that hard; what am I missing?
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