ICE Creature Control with UFPS ?

mattis Posts: 94Member

Anyone using ICE creature control with ufps ? I cant get this damage functions to work.. please help?

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  • mattis Posts: 94Member
    Okay! So I got the damage function to work.. OR one way at least for now .. I can kill monsters..

    Here is how I did it ! (This is for people who allready have the enemys wandering)

    Add ICE_UFPS in player settings (Scripting Define Symbols)
    Add ICE World Damage Adapter to creature (Chech the "Use UFPS Damage Handling"

    1; Attach Capsule collider on enemy
    2; Go to corpse located "Status" on Ice Creature Control (Script) put a ragdoll object of your enemy there ( ragdolls rules)
    3; Atach "Vp_Surface Identifier" to creature just to make some noise :D drag flesh to "surface type" spot..
    4. Enable creatures "Basics" on Status section..(change health to small number so you can see if it works)

    In creature registy you can enable POOL then you can adjust the spawning =)

  • mattis Posts: 94Member
    Okay, now the enemy can damage the player... Simplest to do is choose mouth, hand, leg , horns or whatever you want where you want the damage to delt from.. If you have a bite animation I guess the mouth...


    1; Locate body part in this case mounth..
    2; add ICE creature body part script to desired body part..
    3; enable damage, and make the settings you want
    4; add some sort of collider to the body part (maybe a rigidbody too im not sure if its needed)
    5; add a collider to the player

    and you´re all set!


  • mattis Posts: 94Member
    Still trying to get the animation event to deal damage to work, anyone who use the same set up have gotten it to work? =)
  • MadMark Posts: 23Member
    Yes, animations are working, and are probably the simplest part to deal with.

    1. Create a mecanim animator.
    2. Drag your favorite animations into the animator.
    3. Select your creature, and assign the animator.
    4. Open the ICE Creature Wizard.
    5. Select "Creature" button from the menu.
    6. Drag your creature into the dialog box.
    7. Configure it up to setup the basics.
    8. Tweak, tweak, tweak the behaviors, interactions, and myriad variables.

    It is important to decide in advance whether or not you will be using root motion. I have found that I must set every animation to loop, enabling "Foor IK" in most cases also fixes some floating over the ground issues with some animations, and setting the stop distance for movement animations to BAN is very useful.
  • mattis Posts: 94Member
    How to configure the animation event to deal damage? :)
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