Tactical AI with UFPS Multiplayer Kit

Anyone tried to merge Tactical AI with UFPS Multiplayer Kit?

I have robots running around the level, to be controlled by one player and to attack the other players over photon.
Game: Capitalist, an online 3v1 tactical shooter set in space.


  • redhawkredhawk Posts: 489Member, MPTester
    Please share when you get it working.
  • robsullivan Posts: 28Member
    @redhawk will do. But mine will be a very simple implementation for our game Capitalist.
    Game: Capitalist, an online 3v1 tactical shooter set in space.
  • redhawkredhawk Posts: 489Member, MPTester
  • storm75 Posts: 28Member
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    Hello, thats what i am trying to do, however :
    - I didn't find a way to make players see the bot perfectly sync with the master. After some point, the Player 2 (client) sees bot different from Player 1 (master).
  • robsullivan Posts: 28Member
    @storm75 that's where i'm at, at the moment as well.
    Game: Capitalist, an online 3v1 tactical shooter set in space.
  • robsullivan Posts: 28Member
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    I have this some what working. Still requires a bit more, it would take to long to explain in a message here. I'll try make a video later to explain. This video will help for now.

    Tactical AI animation script needs a photon on serialise view to sync position and rotation data.
    You then need a Photon network animation component to sync the animator controller. Remote players need the target script.
    Game: Capitalist, an online 3v1 tactical shooter set in space.
  • 3dcwcurto3dcwcurto Posts: 11Member
    I would be curious to see the result of your kit merging so I hope you keep at it.

    I actually helped the programmer squared55 make parts of the tactical AI asset. I am not really a animator or a programmer but I knew enough to make animations and explain their implementation.

    I am trying to learn more about both kits so I can make parkour animations and implement them. Any tutorial would save time. I communicate with squared55 often so I could pass things a long.
  • genocidedolphinsgenocidedolphins Posts: 582Member, MPTester
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    I used it in this video, works well although they sometimes get stuck in annoying places I think if you skip on about 3 mins they come in (clowns)
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  • 3dcwcurto3dcwcurto Posts: 11Member
    Trippy game,reminds me of zeno clash. Idk if clowns fit with the interesting weird guns you have. Your map seems out of control and I would guess that is why the AI gets stuck. The AI asset was made for our unfinished scifi game which had very defined hallways& open rooms that were very modular and angular.

    Your not using multiplayer tho right? My concern is only with multiplayer integration as co-op is a must for indy fps games. It was prob the number one request for our game.
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