Input Axis LeftTrigger is not setup

CaptCanada Posts: 22Member
Not sure why I am getting this message as I haven't messed with any of Unity's input settings but I need some help as to how to resolve this issue.

My project was working fine recently until I started getting this error message:

ArgumentException: Input Axis LeftTrigger is not setup.
To change the input settings use: Edit -> Project Settings -> Input
vp_Input.DoGetAxisRaw (System.String axis) (at Assets/UFPS/Base/Scripts/Core/Utility/vp_Input.cs:565)
vp_Input.GetAxisRaw (System.String axis) (at Assets/UFPS/Base/Scripts/Core/Utility/vp_Input.cs:543)
vp_FPInput.InputRun () (at Assets/UFPS/Base/Scripts/Gameplay/Player/Local/vp_FPInput.cs:168)
vp_FPInput.Update () (at Assets/UFPS/Base/Scripts/Gameplay/Player/Local/vp_FPInput.cs:114)



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