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  • UFPS 2 Without Melee?

    Generic sounds good to me. Since the functionality will exist, it will make it actually easier to have the two different weapon types. Besides, newer updates have started to align the two.
  • Unity ufps tuts.

  • Version 2 Alpha 1

    I just want to say thank you so much for taking UFPS under your control, @Justin - your work on Third person controller and behavior designer is spectacular. Your code is clean and performant and very well documented. I cannot tell you enough how much I look forward to your work with UFPS!
  • [SOLVED] Look Sway issue

    Hey !

    I noticed that you just updated UFPS to 1.7. And it corrected my issue ! Thanks ! :blush:

    Here's the result

  • Move Interactable Object with mouse

    @Hazneliel , I had a few minutes to spare today so I ran a little test using vp_Grab as I had in mind yesterday when I wrote the above comments. Here is a little video, shot in the editor, that demonstrates the proof of concept. I will clean up the work a little as time allows. See if this is more like what you are seeking.
  • using uGUI, no joy.

    @Justin , thank you so much. All I needed to do was slow down just a little and take another look at the mess that I had written. I'm sorry to everyone for taking up any time that anyone may have spent thinking about this. Damn, color me embarrassed! haha!!
  • Player just endlessly dies when switching to Android platform?

    Maybe he just would rather be dead than run on Android! ahahaha! :-)
  • UFPS 1 Likes and Dislikes

    My point is to what % is UFPS2 compatible with UFPS1?
    I'm starting with a fresh project for UFPS 2 and adding to it from there. I'll create a conversation guide when the time comes but I'm not holding anything back in UFPS 2 just so the conversation from UFPS 1 is easier.
    That's what I feared, I guess in many ways I am trying to tie up my game, even though its gonna take another year or so, I doubt I can justify swapping to ufps 2 unfortunately, I just think its gonna be so different. But for my sequel I will try it out :)
  • BUG 1.7 - 1.0 MP

    Found the issue, in vp_FPPlayerDamageHandler, it inherits vp_DamageHandler, and the Die() functions are overrides of the originals in vp_DamageHandler. vp_DamageHandler has the Die() function within the Damage() function but vp_FPPlasyerDamageHandeler overrides both Damage() functions but forgot to add the Die() function, add this at the end of Damage() at line 140 after base.Damage()
     // detect and transmit death as event
    if (CurrentHealth <= 0.0f)
    // send the 'Die' message, to be picked up by vp_DamageHandlers and vp_Respawners
    if (m_InstaKill)
    vp_Timer.In(UnityEngine.Random.Range(MinDeathDelay, MaxDeathDelay), delegate() { SendMessage("Die"); });
  • How to solve Standalone blackscreen and/or "custom render path shader passes" error (DX issue)

    This will also occur when you have HDR selected on the FPSCamera but unselected on the WeaponCamera. To solve this, either unselect HDR on both cameras or select HDR on both Cameras. Unselecting Auto Graphic API no longer solves the issue since Unity 5.3.5. This is likely an internal compile error in the DirectX shaders with the addition of DX12 which may need updated runtimes that few people have installed. Unity should have it fixed by April 12, 2033.