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CTF Sample Project
Download (updated June 19)

This project is a game of capture the flag. The blue team is on offense and the red team is on defense. This project is a good demonstration of using pathfinding with Behavior Designer. It also demonstrates using Behavior Designer variables and the group property on the behavior tree component.

RTS Sample Project
Download (updated June 19)

This project is a mini real time strategy game. The harvesters gather gold, then once they have gather enough gold they drop it off at the refinery. When enough gold has been collected by the refinery a unit can be made. The goal of the units is to destroy the enemy base. They first attack the turret then proceed to attack the enemies power plant.

This project is also a good demonstration of using pathfinding with Behavior Designer, as well as external behavior trees and Behavior Designer variables.

Utility Theory Sample Project
Download (updated September 8)

The project gives an example of using the Utility Selector task to use utility theory within a behavior tree. The agent will alternate between eating, working, and sleeping, all depending on a utility value.

Network Sample Project
Download (updated September 25)

This project gives an example of using Behavior Designer in an authoritative network environment. The colored spheres have a behavior tree which changes color depending on how close they are to the nearest player sphere. The behavior tree on the server will move and change the sphere color, while the behavior tree on the client will just respond to the color changes. Requires Behavior Designer 1.5.2+ and Unity 5.1+.

Mini-Gauntlet Sample Project
Download (updated October 16)

This projectfeatures Teddy running through a mini-gauntlet. Teddy can jump over obstacles, get hit with spheres, and play a sound when instructed. This project is a great demonstration of using collisions/triggers within your behavior tree. The behavior tree receives all of the events and responds to them using a new composite task. This composite task determines what child to run based off of the collision/trigger events. This project also provides a demonstration of calling Mecanim parameters.

Third Person Controller
Integration (updated February 26)
Sample (updated February 27)

Integration (updated September 15)
Sample (updated September 16)

2D Toolkit
Integration (updated September 17)
Sample (updated September 17)

Adventure Creator
Integration (updated February 27)
Sample (updated March 19)

Anti-Cheat Toolkit
Integration (updated October 17)
Sample (updated October 17)

Integration (updated January 5)
Sample (updated May 23)

Bolt (Visual Scripting)
Integration (updated January 5)
Sample (updated October 17)

Camera Path Animator
Integration (updated October 1)
Sample (updated October 1)

Integration (updated September 11)
Sample (updated September 11)

Cinema Director
Integration (updated December 13)
Sample (updated December 13)

Control Freak
Integration (updated November 3)
Sample (updated November 3)

Core GameKit
Integration (updated June 24)
Sample (updated June 13)

Integration (updated September 22)
Sample (updated September 22)

Dialogue System
Integration (updated December 11)
Sample (updated November 10)

Integration (updated August 17)
Sample (updated January 31)

Final IK
Integration (updated September 3)
Sample (updated September 3)

Glow Effect
Integration (updated November 3)
Sample (updated November 3)

Integration (updated July 1)
Sample (updated July 1)

Inventory Pro
Integration (updated September 29)
Sample (updated September 29)

Integration (updated January 31)
Sample (updated January 31)

Integration (updated March 28)
Sample (updated March 28)

Master Audio
Integration (updated November 28)
Sample (updated June 19)

Integration (updated October 7)
Sample (updated September 17)

Particle Playground
Integration (updated October 8)
Sample (updated November 18)

Pool Boss
Integration (updated July 31)
Sample (updated December 13)

Integration (updated September 17)
Sample (updated September 17)

Realistic FPS Prefab
Integration (updated November 20)
Sample (updated November 20)

Download (updated October 2)

Integration files are located within the Rewired/Integration menu

Integration (updated November 18)
Sample (updated November 18)

Simple Waypoint System
Integration (updated April 29)
Sample (updated April 29)

Trigger Event Pro
Integration (updated November 3)
Sample (updated November 3)

Integration (updated July 13)
Sample (updated January 31)

UFPS: Ultimate FPS
Integration (updated January 29)
Sample (updated August 9)

Integration (updated December 13)
Sample (updated December 13)

Integration (updated September 5)
Sample (updated September 5)

Integration (updated April 10)
Sample (updated April 10)

Integration (updated September 17)
Sample (updated September 17)

Integration (updated December 8)
Sample (updated November 18)